Sunday, January 07, 2007

Santa's gift.

I normally do not believe in Santa. Of course he might not believe in me too. But this year I do, I do! As luck would have it, my old laptop stopped working completely the week immediately after Thanksgiving. Its timing was derisively perfect. All the $300 laptops in America were now sold out, and I had a brand new paper weight to show off.

Then followed a month of frantically tearing my hair apart, with sleepless nights of toil to get the paper weight to be more useful.... all it said was 'no can do'. I guess it needed the Christmas break too, just like I. So I just let it be, and wished my nights away for a miracle to happen. Christmas was so close. It was not too unreasonable to expect a miracle. After all this country runs on that stuff.

My friend asked me one fine day if I needed a laptop. I thought he was nuts. The look I gave him definitely showed that. He said his roommate was moving, and wanted to throw his laptop away. (More of this species, God!)
For the moment I will call the roomie as Santa. So Santa gives me this pretty sturdy Dell Latitude with a Pentium 3 and 256Megs of RAM. Complete with a case and all. Ofcourse it has Windows XP working(!) on it with a blue screen here and there for variety. I stripped it down the very night, and installed DSL, the OS made for my machine.

Ok. enough said. Here you go.

A fresh boot consumes 30 MB of RAM. The GUI comes bundled with Firefox, Acrobat, Spreadsheet, Word processor, and a ton of other goodies, all stuffed in a 50 MB ISO.

Oh.., and thank you Santa :) Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year! Ho ho ho!


The Kid said...

Read about this DSL for the first time. nice job, and lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Yet the anon again..Did not know about DSL, thank you for providing info on this..Merry Christmas and Happy new year too..:)

ankurindia said...

aha lucky dude