Thursday, November 23, 2006

Spinning the wheels... in the city of fortune

Getting to Atlantic city was fun. Buy a round trip at Greyhound, and you get all your money back as soon as you step into casino land... Hilton was our first victim; or should I say we were Hilton's first victims!

Arriving at the Hilton..

Elegant and luxurious...

Its interesting to note how the casinos cleverly pay you to get there, and shave you off your savings!

Donald Trump's weird makeover of the Taj...

You could light a small city with all this energy..

The blinding extravagance that is the casino hall..

Spinning the wheel at the American roulette.. the extra "00" improves the Casino's chances of a win.

Strong gusts from the Atlantic ocean nearly blow us away..

Full of awe at the Atlantic at 5 am..

Some fish chilling out early morning... wondering if they'd live to see the light of tomorrow..

A distant giant.. the Borgata. A new casino, to suck away old money...

Dawn in a city that makes money...24X7..

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