Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gentle reminders everyday..

People, its a bit weird but many things around here remind me of my home country. As much as it might come across as being home sick, I am not.

Consider these facts:

  • My neighbours house has a huge stained glass window with a colourful 'Om' painted on it.. the Sanskrit letter version.
  • A lady takes a walk every morning wearing bright red and orange salwar kameez. She's African-American.
  • The 2 nearest buffet restaurants to my place are Sitar, and New Delhi.
  • Today I saw a scooter parked in the street leading to school. From behind I assumed it must be an Italian vespa (which are pretty common), but still I was not convinced so I looked closer in the front. It was a Bajaj Chetak.
  • Everytime I enter the library, the security guy..a Black American who checks my ID looks at me and says "toomar naam kayeha?" I smile at him and correct him "Tumhara naam kya he" .. He is learning 'Heendi', cos it's his dream to save enough money and visit India one day. Last week I left him with a sheet of paper, with 2 simple sentences in hindi, and their translation in english.. I told him I'd write a new line everytime i drop by...he was thrilled.
  • There is a Russian looking couple near campus. They both wear pagree's and silk robes and the guy even sports a Sardar beard. Wonder if they visited India recently and decided to convert.
  • Tomorrow (23rd) is the Great Festival of India in Philly.. many rathas of Jagannath, Baladeva, and Subhadra will be paraded on streets along with dancing and food.....see this
BTW, here are some pictures of Philly.. in and around home.


Deepak Krishnan said...

i read something similar today morning.. :D

Anonymous said...

Bajaj scooter??. I saw the italian vespa a few times. The one with the lemon yellow colour right?. I also talked with that guy at the library, his question to me was *Are there only engineering colleges in India?*