Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Corrupt: Worse than the world's oldest professionals. Are you one?

The bloody scenes of Rang De Basanti have still not been fully cleared off our memories. The students on national television werent made to scream "The fire you have ignited will burn in our hearts" just for a different climax. It's not for a whim or fancy that such a supreme effort has been made.

The Post Graduate Entrance Test, Karnataka (PGET2006) recently conducted by the health university, has shown the kind of totally unwholesome and sick levels of immorality that both officials and students have lowered themselves to. The glaring fraud is evident from a simple glance at the top 100 rankers themselves.

See this:
  1. Student x gets a rank in the top 10 (inspite of 5 answer keys found wrong)
  2. RGUHS re-publishes answer key, and re-arranges ranks.
  3. Student x's rank slips to within top 20. (note here that new answer key has 15 wrong keys)
  4. RGUHS re-re-publishes answer key and re-re-arranges ranks.
  5. Student x's rank remains within top 20.
  6. Punchline: x never was a topper or high scorer in the course or degree exams.
Does it need Einstein to scream humbug at this 'doctored' arithmetic?
It does not take the wisdom of a doctor, or the calculative ability of an engineer to smell out all these x's???

It's amusing to say this, but I am reminded of KCET that I took in 2000. That year too, we saw many 'toppers' never losing their position even when the wrong answer keys were withdrawn and correctly re-published.

The root of the evil lies in the students who are readily forking out lakhs to get their hands on answer keys. It's a shame on the schools that made such monsters who don't mind spending their parents' money to get a coveted PG seat.

If you personally know someone who has done this I challenge you to turn them in. Better still turn in the person who took the money. You owe it to this country.


Sampath Krishna said...

A very serious case this is. But I still think that the general public will go the old way. "I am not affected by this, why should I bother??"
The other ignorant students will slog their bum away and later think that they had never studied hard enough.
Turning the corrupt in may be difficult. Is there a way to put in a transparent evaluation system? Maybe that would be better.

Niraj Kumar said...

Well written.. we definately owe to this country..